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seriously overdue shop update | adie's lovelies

I can’t stop wearing these new lovelies!
they’re so easy to throw on to add a little extra pop to an outfit – as I’m walking out the door I grab a few and immediately feel put together even when I’m wearing a t-shirt + jeans. the colors are stunning! I’m so glad to finally have them listed in the shop to share with you!

I want to start with the ombré bracelets. there are 5 color combinations to choose from and each bracelet has gold accent beads. like I said above the colors are gorgeous and since the beads have a faceted surface the shine these lovelies give off is incredible! they would make great gifts for friend’s birthdays or just because. I mean – why not just treat yourself ;)

the second set of new lovelies are bracelets of a similar concept but instead they are these color block bracelets – super simple and will also go with anything! I find myself wearing the ombré bracelets singularly sometimes but these I like to stack together! that way no matter which way they spin on my wrist usually some white and some color is showing no matter how they’re stacked. the beads have a smooth surface – they honestly look like little candies when you hold them in your hand – love them! there are 4 different colors to choose from.

the other beaded bracelets available over at adie’s lovelies are the custom triple stack and my absolute favorite lovelies – the mommy + me set

I’m clearly on a bracelet kick + I don’t see that stopping anytime soon!

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truly. madly. deeply. | free print

truly madly deeply t

i’ll be your dream. i’ll be your wish. i’ll be your fantasy.
i’ll be your hope. i’ll be your love. be everything that you need.
i’ll love you more with every breath
truly madly deeply do.

i want to stand with you on a mountain.
i want to bathe with you in the sea.
i want to lay like this forever.
until the sky falls down on me.

I mean.. total 90s flashback – if this song comes on the radio and I don’t have my cassette tape ready to record on my boom box then you probably don’t want to come into my teenage angst filled room because I’ll be sadly but intensely belting out every lyric like I know what they mean. the funny thing is I would totally be thinking about the same person then as I would now – I just get their totally dramatic meaning now and love the song even more! someone get me my cassette tape stat!

sorry not sorry that this amazing savage garden song will now be stuck in your head for the rest of the day – truly madly deeply love you!

if you missed last week's print – you can find it here.
any ideas for next week? 90s music is just so good!
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morgan’s kitchen lately

 morganskitchen omaat
here’s a sneak peak of what’s been happening in morgan’s kitchen lately …

 photo 35d469ca-4573-4876-9605-adc8e81d2991_zpsf73ff09b.jpg  photo 87c8f395-e4da-4df1-b739-403c5caa665e_zps3c361b66.jpg  photo 43619450-0921-47b7-a9a6-61b267856d31_zpse6ab33e8.jpg 
 photo 079755c6-52ce-4109-ba88-8d4c2b90aa77_zps53a0e27b.jpg  photo cfd8187c-a7b9-485b-b9c3-59ee4c6da58a_zpsa0c9daac.jpg

click any picture to find out more
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tea for two | free print

pour some tea for two

recently I’ve become obsessed with pandora. I know, I know – I’m super late to the game. I’ve had the pandora app on my phone but I never really had the need for it since I could just turn on my favorite radio station in the house/car and that was fine with me. but now when we’re swimming I haven’t been able to get the best reception on my little radio for my favorite station which led me to finally use pandora. at first I didn’t really know what I was doing and picked some station that was playing popular songs – but it seriously just played the same songs over and over and that’s not really want I like to listen to anyway. then I had the urge to type in 90s + I haven’t looked back. the first 3 hours I knew the words to every. single. song. it made my soul happy to be reminiscing and jamming out to songs I had totally forgotten about. so back to the point of this post - my new pandora obsession has inspired me to make some free weekly 90s music prints that I hope you love just as much as I do!

sorry I’m not sorry if this song is now stuck in your head haha
what are some of your favorite 90s songs??
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summer bucket list | 2014

happy official first day of summer!

the kids and I were chatting the other day about all the things we can do this summer + what we wanted to add to our summer bucket list. our bucket list from last year hung on the fridge the whole time and we crossed off things as we went along which sort of became an activity itself. some things didn’t get crossed off at all or only once + others were crossed off multiple times a week!

I left off some things from this years list but maybe that just means we’ll have to make a second one sometime in july! and I’m sure we’ll think of more things to do as we go along.

sbl t bb

do you make ‘bucket lists’ with your family?
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